about ME...

Well, I’m very tall, it’s often
remarked upon. And very
clever too, I have four
degrees from universities
so specialised and at such
a high level
that nobody
has ever heard
of them. The
Commonly held
belief is that I...


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    online BOOK STORE
    Click here for a selection of my latest and greatest literary works. Some deep and thoughtful…..some, er, not. But I actually wrote them myself; used a computer and everything.
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    hamster DVDs
    DVDs galore here - and I'm in them…a lot !….rest assured I'm beavering away making more and more and they'll be added here when they' re released so you can get hold of them.
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    I do a bit of telly, well, quite a lot actually. Top Gear, Total Wipeout, Blast Lab etc etc… my silly little face is seldom off it. Click for a rundown of the different shows and to link to some of their own sites.